Summer Games Done Quick Closes With A New Fundraising Record

For the past seven days, we were treated to some of the best speedruns the world has ever seen, [...]


For the past seven days, we were treated to some of the best speedruns the world has ever seen, courtesy of the team over at Summer Games Done Quick. And even though the festival has come to a close, it's set a bigger impact than anyone could've ever expected.

The group has managed to raise $1.76 million dollars for Doctors Without Borders, a huge increase from last year's $1.3 million raised for the organization.

The Summer Games Done Quick crew had a number of great fundraising goals set during the seven-day run, including allowing donators' comments to be heard, as well as enabling them to make votes for certain aspects of games, like naming characters or letting them alter certain runes with a particular speedrun.

This festival was home to a number of awesome speedruns, through old and new games alike, including NieR: Automata, Super Mario 64, and even a three-way battle in Super Metroid, with the top player taking the reigns for the remainder of the speedrun.

There are a number of highlights from the event, with a few of them able to be found here. It's worth reliving quite a few of them, especially if you want to see someone showing off their game skills. There are also a number that have been archived through the group's official YouTube channel, in case you want to see how well things accumulated over the seven day event.

The team celebrated the feat on Twitter, noting, "With a current cash total $1,760,400, we absolutely destroyed our total from SGDQ of last year! Amazing job everyone! #SGDQ2017".

Of course, this means the team will be gearing up to try and break new records with its two Games Done Quick events for next year, starting with Awesome Games Done Quick in the beginning of the year, and Summer Games Done Quick a few months later. We'll certainly be watching again, especially if you've got a lunatic playing co-op Portal 2 by his frickin' self.

Enjoy the highlights, and let's do this again next year!