Speedrunning Fans Donate Thousands to Make Pokemon: Let's Go Player Pet Eevee

Speedrunning fans watched a speedrun of Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! on Saturday during Summer [...]

Speedrunning fans watched a speedrun of Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! on Saturday during Summer Games Done Quick with one simple request and thousands of dollars behind it: Pet the Eevee. That's what people asked of the speedrunner who goes by the name "eddaket" when they were blazing through the Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch during the speedrunning event. After receiving several donations that put the total for the incentive in the thousands, the speedrunner gave fans what they wanted.

The clip below shows all the donations as they poured in and speedrunning fans made their requests heard. While eddaket was trying to catch a Nidoran, the commentators starting reading off donation after donation as people asked the player to pet Eevee. They weren't asking emptyhanded either with each one of the eight donations including $500 to sway eddaket into fulfilling the task. That means that people donated $4,000 to have a speedrunner pet Eevee, so of course the player made good on that request.

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Eevee got at least six pets during the break from the speedrun, not a bad trade for thousands of dollars. The Eevee that was nicknamed "John Cena" got its pets, the crowd got what it wanted, and the Summer Games Done Quick fundraiser was $4,000 richer because of it all. At three hours into the speedrun, the power of Eevee pets was used again when Twitch chat suggested a $5 donation train. To help the money start rolling in, eddaket brought out Eevee again to pet the Pokemon and earned a few more $500 donations as well as a ton of $5 donations that pushed the total up quite a bit.

One donator also gave $1,000 to fulfil another incentive and make the speedrunner put a Psyduck in the party for the fight against the Elite Four. Psyduck didn't contribute a lot, but it did made it so that eddaket's Starmie could get buffed up for the last fight.

The speedrunner ended up beating the game with a final time of 3:18:13, so even with these stops to pet Eevee and give the fans what they wanted in exchange for donations, the run was still finished under its estimated time.