Save 25% On This Handheld SNES System


As you probably know by now, there are many ways to get your retro Nintendo gaming fix without hunting down an SNES Classic. One of the most interesting options is the Hyperkin SupaBoy S, which is kind of like the Nintendo Switch we would have gone nuts for in 1991.

Basically, the Hyperkin SupaBoy S is a portable system that plays genuine Super Nintendo cartridges on a 4.3-inch LCD screen. You can also plug it in to a TV via an AV output, then plug in two SNES-compatible controllers for 2-player gaming the old fashioned way. You can pick one up on Amazon for $74.98, which is 20% off the $100 list price. That's within a few bucks of the cheapest price it has ever sold for.

At the time of writing, stock on the SupaBoy S was low on Amazon but "more is on the way". Hopefully that means you'll be able to order with the discount even if it's out of stock.

If portability isn't your main concern, you could also go with the new Hyperkin SupaRetroN HD console. Like the SupaBoy S, the SupaRetroN is compatible with NTSC and PAL cartridges, but it will upscale the games to your HDTV in 720p. You can grab that console here for $69.99.

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