Super Bomberman R Brings Konami Stars To the Game, Including David Hayter’s Solid Snake

With the release of Super Bomberman R for other platforms this month, Konami wanted to make sure [...]

With the release of Super Bomberman R for other platforms this month, Konami wanted to make sure that the roster for its explosive multiplayer game was more star-studded than ever before.

Today the company released a new update for the game that adds a few familiar (and free) faces to the picture, including a version of Solid Snake we never thought we'd see again in video games.

Included in the roster are a few characters from the Metal Gear Solid games, such as Solid Snake Bomber and Naked Snake Bomber. But to our surprise, both characters are voiced by the original Solid Snake himself, David Hayter! (Hayter worked with the company for many years to voice the character before he was temporarily replaced by Kiefer Sutherland for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, for those that need a reminder.) You can hear his sultry voice in the trailer above.

In addition, the trailer also highlights other additions. These include Raiden Bomber (from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and earlier games); Bill and Lance Bomber (from the Contra series); the Vic Viper Zero Bomber (from the Gradius franchise); the Ayako Katagirl Bomber; and, for fans of Legend of the Mystical Ninja, the Ebisumaru Bomber.

The trailer also reminds us that WWE superstar Xavier Woods, aka Austin Creed, is in the game as a playable character, voiced by himself.

The game's update also introduces three new stages as seen in the trailer above, along with a handful of themed accessories based on the classic game franchises and a new Checkpoints rule. This "adds a layer of excitement in Grand Prix mode as you scramble to take over the battlefield in checkpoints that appear in stage. How long you and your opponents stay in designated checkpoints will determine how many points you can earn - or lose. The team with the most points wins!" according to the press release.

As for when the update will be available, good news. It's here! And it's for all platforms across the board, free of charge. It's the most nostalgia any Konami fan could ask for. (Well, outside of getting a Frogger Bomber one day, anyway…)

Super Bomberman R is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.