Super Mario Odyssey Fans Think Nintendo Could Be Teasing a Sequel

Could Nintendo be teasing that it's working on a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey? Well, that's the impression that some Nintendo fans are getting. Following the release of Super Mario Odyssey back in 2017, Nintendo hasn't done anything new with its company mascot in the 3D space. While it did release a remastered collection of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy on Switch back in 2020, no wholly new 3D Mario games have since come about. If a new message from Nintendo is anything to go by, though, perhaps a follow-up to Super Mario Odyssey could be in the cards. 

Noted by @NintyPrime on Twitter, Nintendo recently sent out a new round of emails encouraging Switch owners to once again play Super Mario Odyssey. Although emails like this are often sent out by Nintendo, some of the wording in this latest message made fans think that the Japanese video game company could be dropping hints about a full-blown Super Mario Odyssey 2

"Mario's debut adventure on Nintendo Switch was his most unique one yet!" Nintendo said in this email. "But there may be even more out there still to be discovered... Perhaps it's worth hopping aboard The Odyssey once more and taking the trip all over again."

All in all, this is a pretty strange email for Nintendo to send out in 2023, especially since Super Mario Odyssey launched all the way back in 2017. Not to mention, since it has been nearly six years since Mario Odyssey was released, it does seem to be about time that Nintendo would have a new 3D Mario title ready to launch. Whether or not Super Mario Odyssey 2 ends up being real or not is something that we'll have to wait to see, but maybe we'll get a new announcement tied to the series later in 2023 if we're lucky. 

Do you think that Nintendo could be currently working on Super Mario Odyssey 2? And if so, when do you believe the game could launch if it is in the pipeline? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12