Super Nintendo World Temporarily Closes Following Yoshi's Adventure Fire

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan was forced to close after the Yoshi's Adventure ride caught fire. The incident was first reported by FNN (and shared by Nintendo Life), and no one was injured. The official Twitter account for Universal Studios Japan did not directly address the incident, but it does state that Super Nintendo World is expected to re-open on November 25th, while Yoshi's Adventure will remain closed. Hopefully, operators can discern exactly what went wrong, and the ride can resume functions in the near future! For now, visitors will just have to enjoy the rest of the attractions currently available. 

True to its name, Yoshi's Adventure has riders exploring Super Nintendo World in a vehicle shaped like the multi-colored inhabitants of Dinosaur Land. The ride is (normally) meant to be a more relaxing experience for families, as they search for the missing Captain Toad. The ride takes quite a bit of inspiration from games like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and Yoshi's Story.

Super Nintendo World first opened at Universal Studios Japan earlier this year, with Yoshi's Adventure as one of its debut rides. Despite the Super Nintendo World name, the overall attraction mostly centers around the Mario family of characters, and not the rest of Nintendo's icons. Pikmin do make a couple of interesting cameos throughout, but characters from franchises like Splatoon, Animal Crossing, and Star Fox are conspicuously absent.

It might be some time before any of those franchises are represented at Super Nintendo World, but an expansion is planned for the near future. Universal Studios has already started work on a section of the park devoted to Donkey Kong. The character has always been connected to the Mario family (they both debuted in the same arcade game), but the park expansion seems to be based on the Donkey Kong Country games. Given the popularity of the series that makes a lot of sense, and it might even tie into Universal's future plans for a Donkey Kong movie!

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