'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Final Boss Was Pulled Straight Out of the Bible

The video game heroes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be fighting a threat pulled straight out of the Holy Book.

Earlier today, Nintendo Direct showed off a ton of new content from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including a look at the start of the game's story mode. The opening cinematic shows the game's full roster standing on a cliff preparing to fight a legion of Master Hands and their mysterious and ethereal leader.

However, that ultimate bad guy wasn't Bowser, Eggman, or one of the other iconic villains featured in the new fighting game, but a much more dangerous and much more...spiritual threat. The big bad appears to be a seraph, a kind of angel mentioned in the Old Testament.

If you're not familiar with the angelic hierarchy, you might think of angels as men and women in white robes, glowing halos, and big feathered wings sticking out of their backs. And while that's the modern interpretation of what lower classes of angels look like, the most powerful angels in the Christian tradition of angels are a lot more strange and frightening.

The seraph, for example, is a being with six wings, four of which cover its body and two used to actually fly. Most depictions of seraphim show the celestial being as basically a ball of wings...which is exactly what the bad guy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks like.

Here's a depiction of a seraph:


And here's the bad guy from Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

smash seraphim

We're not 100% sure why a seraph is assaulting the strongest fighters of the shared video game world. Maybe it doesn't like that video games are played on Sundays, or maybe God is a Fortnite fan and is ticked that the popular game didn't get a cameo in the new Super Smash Bros game. Or maybe this is a rogue angel, out to deprive the world of happiness. Maybe this is Satan's secret origin story - he was actually an angel who had a rivalry with Mario and was cast out of heaven for it.


Whatever the story is with this strange new villain, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's story mood looks super weird and we can't wait.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out on December 7, 2018.