New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rumor Hints At Next DLC Character, Reveal Date

According to a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch rumor, Nintendo is getting ready to reveal the game's next DLC fighter that will come after Banjo-Kazooie hits this fall. More specifically, said rumor claims Nintendo will reveal the character on September 12, which is a Thursday. And in case you haven't checked your calendars recently, September 12 is only about two weeks away. That said, not only does the rumor claim to know when the character will be revealed, but is hinting at the identity of the character, who will be female. If this is the case, the character will be the first female DLC character for the Switch exclusive.

According to the rumor, the character is not in demand at all, meaning nobody is clamoring for said character to be in the game, and thus it will be a controversial and confusing addition. Unfortunately, this is where the details dry up. And of course, even these details should be taken with a grain of salt, given that they come from an anonymous source. That said, every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character has leaked ahead of reveal via anonymous leaks, so there's some precedent that gives this a bit more validity than your average random Internet rumor.

Based of this rumor, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community has been speculating about a variety of potential characters, with Overwatch's D.Va coming up quite a bit because of the recent Overwatch Nintendo Switch leak. Meanwhile, other scuttlebutt and gossip is once again pointing to Frisk, the protagonist of Undertale, who's been rumored to be a DLC character for awhile now.

Alas, all we can do is reserve a grain of salt and wait and see. Hopefully the above rumored date is real though, because I don't think Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans can wait much longer.


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