'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Adds Shrek With New Mod


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster may feature every fighter from the series ever, plus a variety of new ones, but it still doesn't have one thing: Shrek.

We all know modders have too much time on their hands. The evidence? A modder by the name of Hefty has added Shrek to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That's right, DreamWork's highly-territorial green Ogre is now in the Nintendo Switch exclusive ready to kick some Ice Climbers butt.

Unfortunately, the mod is pretty straight-forward, meaning there's no additional voice-over are signatures moves added, just Shrek with the moveset and animations of Ganondorf. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.

In all seriousness, a cross-over that leads to Shrek actually being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the type of weird I can get down with. But first we need to get Waluigi and Shaggy in there.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for Nintendo Switch and only on the Nintendo Switch. For more news, media, and information on the platform fighter, be sure to peep all of our previous coverage of the game by clicking right here. And if you haven't already, also be sure to check out our official review of the game. Here's a snippet from it:

"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has so much meaningful content that it’s easy to forget it’s a fighting game at its core, but at least one fact rings true just a few days after the game’s release: “Ultimate” is a fitting – and perhaps the only – way to describe Nintendo’s biggest Smash Bros. experience to date.

"Between a robust single-player component that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U sorely lacked and the ever-present competitive modes like VS and online play, there’s a lot to unpack in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. More than 50 hours of gameplay have given some insight into the game's many modes, and it's evident that the hype around the fighting game was absolutely warranted."

Thanks, DualShockers.



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