Suspect Steals $1 Million Worth of Xbox One Consoles


A suspect was recently apprehended after stealing a semi-truck that was full of enough Xbox Ones to total at least $1 million.

Police in Clarksville, Indiana, arrested a suspect named Magdiel Fleites Sanchez who's accused of making off with the Xbox-filled semi-truck. Sanchez allegedly stole the vehicle from a truck stop in Louisville, Kentucky, according to a report from WDRB, before crossing state lines into Indiana. The vehicle belonged to TAZ Trucking, a trucking company based out of Bowling Green, Kentucky, and had an on-board tracking system that allowed the company and the proper authorities to track Sanchez's movements when he left Kentucky and when into Indiana.

WDRB reports that the use of this tracking system allowed Clarksville police to be prepared for the semi when it crossed into the state, but officer John Miller who spotted the semi in Clarksville said that the suspect tried to avoid arrest in the semi and made a run for it.

"Once I was able to identify that it was the semi we were looking for, I turned around and tried to initiate a traffic stop," Miller said. "I've never been involved in a pursuit with a semi."

Once police had cornered the suspect and the semi on a dead-end road, Miller said that the suspect abandoned the semi and took off running across the interstate. Sanchez was soon apprehended after trying to evade arrest on foot while the police secured the semi.

"The trailer ... was about 100 feet from where I initially had seen him at first," Miller said. "He had backed it in in-between other trailers that were empty."

After contacting TAZ Trucking and verifying that the truck was indeed stolen, the police looked inside to inspect the contents of the vehicle. It was then that they found what Sanchez had been driving across the states: $1 million worth of Xbox One consoles.

A company spokesman with TAZ Trucking offered a comment on the tracking system used to assist the authorities in reclaiming the stolen trailer.


"Just to make sure that if any of our equipment was ever stolen, that our customers ... would not suffer a loss, and we would be able to recover it quickly," said Dexter Clark, office manager for Taz Trucking said regarding the purpose of the tracking equipment.

Sanchez reportedly has a Florida driver's license and is currently out on bail but is facing charges in both Kentucky and Indiana.