Taylor Swift Concert Ad Seems to Rip Off Indie Game Art Style

So how about that new Taylor Swift joint, huh? 'Look What You Made Me Do' is blowing up right now, [...]

So how about that new Taylor Swift joint, huh? "Look What You Made Me Do" is blowing up right now, and it's been super divisive. Our own office has been split down the middle; some people appreciate the raw hook of the chorus and think that the song is a delightful little earworm, while others think it's too much of a departure from the melodic playgrounds that we're used to playing around in when a new T-Swift single drops. But Taylor has been the center of attention in the gaming space beacuse of a recent concert promotional video, which seems to rip some characters straight out of the indie game Night in the Woods.

night in the woods

Take a look at the cast of Night in the Woods above. Take note of the colorful paper-cutout style of the characters and the color palette. Take note of the style of the eyes and physical proportions of these little dudes. Got that? Now check out the promotional video telling you how you can grab some Taylor Swift concert tickets:

Looks pretty familiar, right? Scott Benson, co-creator of Night in the Woods noticed the similarities straight away, and even tweeted about it:

He notes that the uh... phallic shape there across that little cat's body is definitely not part of his original creative vision. Fans of the game were quick to jump on Taylor and call out the ad agency for copying the art style, but Benson didn't seem to care very much. "Lol no pitchforks please," he said, "this is just very funny." He also noted that it's been a "weird ass year." We feel you, Chris.

We hope very much that this article led you to look up Taylor Swift's new single, which you'll find you don't really care for at first, but inevitably you'll be unable to stop listening to it. Welcome to our hell.