Team Fortress 2 Updated Amid "Save TF2" Campaign

Team Fortress 2 players who've been campaigning to get Valve's attention In hopes of seeing critical issues with the game resolved will be happy to hear that it got an update recently. Based on what's included in the patch notes, this update included a number of different fixes for various exploits as well as other problems players included in their extensive list of requests from Valve. Aside from this update, Valve has not yet said anything more about future plans for Team Fortress 2 beyond its statement shared in May.

Though Team Fortress 2 has been out for a while now, it's still been getting updates occasionally with this being the fourth one it's gotten this year, so it's not like the game's been totally abandoned up until this point. The "Save TF2" campaign certainly has had an impact, however, and likely will lead to other updates to resolve more issues.

Whether those arrive or not, the patch notes detailed below show what's been changed in this week's update:

Team Fortress 2 Patch Notes for June 22

  • Fixed an exploit related to clearing the in-game text chat
  • Fixed an exploit where players could use sv_cheats on secure servers
  • Fixed an exploit where players could teleport back to their own spawn by changing loadout/class while touching the other team's No Entry gate
  • Fixed an exploit with the Huntsman in which a player could change loadout to negate the speed debuff when charged
  • Fixed an exploit with the Ap-Sap where players could spam noises
  • Fixed an exploit where dispensers could heal through glass on some maps
  • Fixed an exploit where a Spy could disguise and create an invisible bullet blocking shield at their feet
  • Fixed laggy animations on Halloween bosses, skeletons, ghosts and other ghoul-like beings
  • Fixed the Spy using incorrect disguise weapons when disguising as Soldier, Pyro, Heavy or Engineer with no member of the same class on the opposing team
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes colliding with teammates too early/late
  • Fixed being able to change names during a matchmaking game
  • Fixed some HUD images being blurry when using low texture settings
  • Fixed the Spy's feigned deaths with the Dead Ringer not showing up in the matchmaking quick team status bar
  • Fixed %killername% and other placeholder names sometimes showing up on the kill cam and stats screen
  • Re-enabled ability for servers to send disconnect reasons to clients
  • Added ConVar net_disconnect_reason to use the disconnect reason sent from the client
  • Removed Headgear option from the Mann Co. Catalog dropdown list
  • Updated vote system
  • Both teams can have a kick vote running at the same time
  • Can have a global vote running at the same time as a kick vote
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to vote on maps at the end of the round
  • Updated the El Fiestibrero to fix a problem with the model
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals
  • Updated the localization files