Report: Team Ninja May Be Teasing A New Dead Or Alive Game

Dead Or Alive New Game

We haven't seen that much action from the Dead Or Alive franchise over the past year, though the DLC that's been added to Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round has been keeping us pretty busy. That said, Team Ninja might be bringing the series back soon enough, based on a cryptic tweet it posted today.

The company noted on its Twitter account that the Battle Royal 2017 Grand Finals event will be taking place this weekend at NEC18. What's interesting, though, is that it hinted that an announcement will be made after prizes are handed out.

"Good luck to all the fighters that will be attending our Battle Royal 2017 Grand Finals event at NEC18," it noted. "Make sure to stick around until the finals are over. There will be an announcement once the prizes are given to the champions on Dec. 17th. Stream info will be posted soon."

Now, there was no specific mention of Dead Or Alive in the tweet, but there was an image with the words "I'm a fighter", which you can see below. That indicates we could be seeing a new Dead Or Alive make the rounds – because we obviously won't see anything else added to Dead Or Alive 5.

2018 will already be quite the busy year for fighting games, between Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ and Soul Calibur VI, along with a few others that will be making the rounds. But there's always room for one more, especially with a bunch of lively characters in the cast.


We'll keep you informed on whatever Team Ninja announces at the event!