The Callisto Protocol DLC Adds New Deaths and Hardest Mode Yet

The Callisto Protocol got another of its post-launch DLCs this week with the release of the Contagion Bundle, an add-on that introduces even more death animations to the game as well as another difficulty mode for players to test their skills against. Building off of the Hardcore Mode released previously, this new DLC introduces something even fiercer called the "Contagion Mode." It's a mode where you have to start a chapter over if you die, and enemies are much tougher in general, so you should have plenty of chances to see the 14 new death animations this same DLC added.

The DLC is out as of Tuesday, but as those who've played The Callisto Protocol and have kept up with the post-launch content will know, this is very much a DLC and basic update. That means that you'll have to pay for the new mode and the death animations if you want them, a fact that hasn't gone over so well in the past with some who felt these sorts of things should've been included in the base game or free updates to begin with, but the content is out now for those who've stuck around for it.

Harder than Hardcore Mode, Contagion Mode's whole thing is that everything is much more difficult on top of the fact that you can't manually save the game and have to restart a chapter upon death. This should make for some pretty excruciating challenges during certain segments such as the cargo ride, but if you've been waiting on this DLC, that's probably exactly the kind of challenge you've been looking forward to.

"Death is only the beginning in Contagion Mode, The Callisto Protocol's ultimate survival horror experience," an overview of the new DLC reads. "Fight tactically and use your ammunition wisely – Contagion Mode's difficulty is custom balanced with stronger enemies, limited resources, no manual saves and your progress is reset to the beginning of the chapter if you die. The Contagion Bundle also includes 14 all-new ways for Jacob to die at the at the hands of the Biophage, and the Watchtower Skin Collection, a UJC themed pack of player and weapon skins for all your gear."

The Contagion Bundle DLC is part of the game's season pass and is also being sold separately for $9.99.