The Callisto Protocol Gets First Update to Address Performance Issues

The Callisto Protocol already got its first update on Friday following reports of stuttering problems and other performance issues surrounding the game's release. Striking Distance Studios addressed the issues Friday after the game launched and said that an update would be coming, and just a few hours later, it did indeed arrive. The only catch is that the update is limited to the PC platform, and without a set of patch notes to look through, it's unclear what, specifically, changed beyond performance improvements.

News of the update was shared on the game's social pages which is pretty much the only place you'll find info about it since the game's Steam page doesn't say anything about an update. The "Update History" page there is still empty at this time, so players who downloaded the update will have to take Striking Distance's word regarding the areas it looks to assuage.

"Thanks for your patience. A PC patch is now available to improve gameplay stuttering issues due to shader compilation," the tweet from The Callisto Protocol's official account said. "After updating, you may see temporary stuttering in the game menu the first time you launch the app. We are working on further optimizations in the days ahead."

The same update was seemingly not provided to those on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, though that's not exceptionally surprising since the PC version is the one that seemed to be receiving the most complaints. The Xbox version isn't fairing much better if you go off of anecdotes on Twitter and other platforms, however, with players noticing that things like reflections are absent on the Xbox version but can be seen on the PlayStation 5.

Regardless, the PC update is out now, and it does seem to have done something in terms of improving performance. While not all performance issues have been addressed, the game's average rating on Steam has since been raised to a "Mixed" consensus which is better than the negative skew the game carried before.


Striking Distance promised more updates and improvements in the future, so expect to see those released in a similar fashion (though hopefully with patch notes).