Exclusive Preview of 'The Division: Extremis Malis' #2

We recently sat down with the writer of the new The Division comic series Extremis Malis to talk about what makes the newest narrative so special. For those interested in checking out the bridge between the first game and its sequel, we've got an exclusive first look at the second issue coming soon!

With The Division 2 hype going strong, check out the first 6 pages of the new comic series from Dark Horse Comics:

DIVIS2 #2 PG 01
(Photo: Dark Horse)
DIVIS2 #2 PG 02
(Photo: Dark Horse)
DIVIS2 #2 PG 03
(Photo: Dark Horse)
DIVIS2 #2 PG 04
(Photo: Dark Horse)
DIVIS2 #2 PG 05
(Photo: Dark Horse)
DIVIS2 #2 PG 06
(Photo: Dark Horse)

The latest comic series has an incredible team at the helm of this project including Christofer Emgard (The Whispering Dark, Mirror's Edte, Exordium) tagged as the writer, Fernando Baldo (Deep Gravity, Thief) as the artist, and Michael Atiyeh (Conan the Avenger, Green Lantern: Rebirth) as the colorist. The stylized cover art was also helmed by the talented J.P. Leon from DMZ and Static.

The iconic Tom Clancy universe found in The Division has an incredible scope that makes fans feel like they know what it means to be a Division agent. Extremis Malis aims to take that narrative even further with a tale that inspires justice and aiming higher than simple survival.

For more about this new comic series, Dark Horse tells us "Months after a bioweapon attack devastated New York City, the Division agents are the last hope of a United States struggling to hold itself together. During a mission gone wrong, Division Agent Caleb Dunne's partner is gruesomely killed and Dunne vows to track down the mysterious woman responsible. As he gathers clues to her wherabouts, he uncovers a grave threat to a nation already on the brink of total collapse."

The first issue is now available with issue 2 going live on February 13th. You can pre-order it through the Dark Horse website here or request it through your local comicbook shop!

Excited for the latest adventure? Check out our full interview from earlier to learn even more, including how this all fits into The Division universe!