The Last of Us HBO Series Producer Compares Coronavirus Response to Chernobyl

With industry events cancelled, consoles delayed, and system shortages expected, it's safe to say [...]

With industry events cancelled, consoles delayed, and system shortages expected, it's safe to say Coronavirus is having a big impact on the video game industry at the moment. While American companies are making strides to prepare for what could be a tough year, some think the response by the United States government hasn't been good enough. One such critic is Craig Mazin, writer-producer on HBO's upcoming adaptation of The Last of Us. On Twitter, Mazin compared the administration's Coronavirus response to Russia's handling of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, where the Russian government failed to alert the public to the real dangers of the nuclear threat.

Mazin's assessment followed a Reuters news article alleging that the Trump administration has instructed health officials to consider all briefings on the Coronavirus to be classified. The concern from Mazin and other critics is that keeping that information classified could make it difficult for the public to fully understand the extent of the virus and take the necessary precautions, as a result. Earlier today, the World Health Organization declared the virus to be a global pandemic.

Of course, Mazin happens to be in a unique position to make the comparison to that tragic, historical event. In addition to The Last of Us, Mazin was also the writer-producer on HBO's Chernobyl, the critically-acclaimed, dramatic re-telling of the events surrounding the 1986 catastrophe. In the series, viewers are shown how the disaster occurred, but one of the main takeaways from the series is that the Russian government's mishandling of the nuclear disaster resulted in more lives lost. Throughout the series, several Russian bureaucrats are shown giving precedence to messaging, rather than taking active safety measures and keeping the public informed.

Time will tell just how accurate Mazin's comparison to the two events will be. Mazin's tweet comparing the two prompted responders to send a number of memes and quotes from the HBO series. Given the fact that The Last of Us and Chernobyl both deal with possible end of the world scenarios, it seems that Marzin's follow-up project is only fitting.

As of this writing, no release window has been announced for HBO's The Last of Us.

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