The Last of Us Part 2 Composer Joins HBO Series

Last week, HBO officially announced an upcoming series based on Sony's The Last of Us, written and [...]

Last week, HBO officially announced an upcoming series based on Sony's The Last of Us, written and produced by Craig Mazin. The announcement came as exciting news for fans of the video game, as Mazin had previously expressed his passion for the source material. Time will tell if the project can live-up to the acclaimed status of the game, but it already seems that the series will have quite a bit of connective tissue with the game and its upcoming sequel. It was previously announced that the writer and creative director of those games, Neil Druckmann, will serve as a writer and executive producer on the show, and today, Druckmann announced that the composer of the games, Gustavo Santaolalla, will also play a role in the series!

While Santaolalla is best known among gamers for his role as the composer for The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II, the two games actually represent his only video game work. Santaolalla has had a wide and successful career as a musician, working on a number of different projects. Santaolalla won the Academy Award for Best Original Score two years in a row for his work on Brokeback Mountain and Babel, in 2005 and 2006, respectively. The upcoming series based on The Last of Us is not his first TV work, either. The composer has worked on Making a Murderer, and is responsible for the theme song for Jane the Virgin.

Santaolalla is a great pick for the show, and his hiring is another strong indicator that HBO is treating the series quite seriously. While film and television shows based on video games don't have the greatest track records, fans seem to have every reason to believe that The Last of Us could be another exception to the rule.

At this time, HBO has not announced a release window for The Last of Us. The Last of Us Part II will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on May 29th, 2020.

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