PlayStation Rumor Shares Update on The Last of Us Part 3

A new PlayStation rumor claims The Last of Us 3 or The Last of Us Part 3 or whatever the third installment in the Naughty Dog series ends up being called is in development, but it's in the early stages and it may be a while before it releases. The rumor comes the way of Twitter user "Oops Leaks," who has cultivated a following for sharing various scoops, rumors, and leaks. Their latest information drop pertains to Naughty Dog, the aforementioned developer of The Last of Us, Uncharted, and at one point, Crash Bandicoot and Jax and Daxter as well.

Taking to Twitter, Oops Leaks claims that "the outline of the script is ready," however, "the studio is engrossed in the development" of other projects. This in turn suggests the game is a ways off, however, the rumor teases that it's possible that the studio's expansion will speed up the process. 

"The outline of the script is ready, but the studio is engrossed in the development of the aforementioned projects," said the leaker. "It is possible that development will begin faster than expected due to the studio's expansion.

Right now, there's no validate this rumor so take it with a big grain of salt. As for Naughty Dog, it hasn't commented on this rumor, nor has anyone involved with PlayStation. We don't anticipate this changing for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we'll update the story accordingly. 

As far as we know, The Last of Us Part 2 did not sell as well as the first game, nor did it review as well. It sold very well and reviewed very well, but not as well as its predecessor. The game was also fairly divisive at release among actual consumers, or at least among consumers on the Internet. This is to say, while a third game makes business sense, it's risky, especially if the HBO show in the works doesn't stick the landing either. 


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