Supermassive's The Quarry Has an Absurd Amount of Endings

Supermassive Games already gives players tons of choices in its Dark Pictures Anthology games which result in unique endings depending on how players conduct themselves, and it looks like the same will be true in The Quarry with that game having an unprecedented number of endings. The developer revealed just recently that The Quarry will have a total of 186 unique endings, an impressive stat shared alongside more discussions about how all these endings and branching storylines come together in a game like this.

Will Byles, the director working on The Quarry, spoke to IGN about the endings, the script, and more parts of the new game's narrative as well as the efforts taken to pull of this together. Byles said that the script itself was over 1,000 pages long with over around 50 pages tackled each day during recording sessions.

The Quarry has its own cast of different well-known actors and actresses playing different characters that guide the story to these numerous endings, and in the case of this game, there are nine core characters players will make decisions for. While it's true that there are plenty of endings, Byles said these kinds of variations in the story made by different decisions make it so that there are sort of different versions of the story itself as opposed to simply different endings. Some of them affect things like relationships between characters while others have more drastic consequences and can end up with characters getting killed.

"We've worked out 186 different endings for those characters," Byles said in the video interview. "Not just alive or dead, a whole variation of things that could happen to them. But the stories that they have on the way through it are massively varied."

Of course, those endings where characters do die or something of major importance happen are the ones that'll likely be most memorable to players. Someone out there will inevitably pursue all 186 endings after the game releases and will likely track what, where, when, and how things happen, so for those who don't have the patience to achieve all those endings themselves, we'll happily wait for the compilation videos showing them off.

The Quarry is scheduled to release on June 10th.