The Sims Teases New Announcement Set for This Week

Electronic Arts is teasing a new announcement related to The Sims franchise that’s set to be revealed this week. Almost certainly related to The Sims 4, the latest main entry in the series, the teaser that’s been shared so far appears to be hinting at some sort of new expansion or a similarly sizable level of content that’s coming to the game. It’s apparently got something to do with going or living green, so if that lifestyle is one that interest you or if you just want something new to do in The Sims 4, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s announcement that’s set to happen at 8 a.m. PT.

The teaser for what’s happening soon in The Sims 4 showed a windmill casually turning in the wind in front of a mountainous, wooded area with some buildings around it. It also asks how green players’ Plumbobs are, a reference to the green crystal object that’s used in all of The Sims games to indicate which character you’re highlighting.

Electronic Arts asked players to tune in on May 6th to “see how much greener it could be” with no other teasers shared to indicate what’s coming.

But from what has been shown, we can arrive at a few possibilities regarding what to expect from the announcement. Given that the teaser is talking about going green and shows a windmill, something related to an eco-friendly lifestyle certainly seems to be a likely candidate for an expansion pack in The Sims 4. There’s no telling what the extent of an environmentally conscious playthrough of a Sims game would look like, but one would think The Sims players would have plenty to do if that’s what the announcement is building up to.

There have also been some leaks shared recently that suggested a Country Living expansion pack would be announced soon. It’s still possible that’s happening, but the windmill and the wording of the teaser points much more strongly towards an eco-friendly expansion as opposed to a country-themed one. There’s been dispute about whether the leaks were real or not anyway, so we won’t know for sure what’s planned until Electronic Arts reveals the new content on May 6th.

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