The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Gets Release Date, Technical Test Info

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre finally has a release date with the new game based on the acclaimed horror series of the same name now scheduled to be released on August 18th, Gun Interactive announced this week. The publisher and the game's developer, Sumo Nottingham, confirmed not only the release date for the game but also a date for the first technical test that'll at last allow people to go hands-on with the game. That technical test will happen on May 25th which still puts us some time out from being able to try the game, but it at least gives room for more features and details to be revealed between now and then.

The dates for the release and the first technical test were confirmed in a trailer shared with IGN that was brief and to the point. A couple of scenes of gameplay made up the background for the trailer, but the info that people have really been waiting on ever since the game was revealed back in 2021 was when the game would be released. A technical test has been known to be on the way for a while now, so getting a date for that was a bonus.

From watching the trailer, you'll see some familiar characters from the Sawyer family, though you may be surprised to see some extra additions to that group if you haven't been keeping up with news on the game. Two new characters, Sissy and Johnny, were created for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to give those who play as the killers extra options to pick from. The game employs an atypical 3v4 format where three people play as the killers and four as the victims, so it makes sense that Sumo and Gun would need to expand the killer roster a bit to avoid having the same three characters picked each game.

When the new characters were fully revealed following a teaser campaign, Johnny was described as "manipulative, narcissistic, but also charming and quite attractive," a character who uses his charm and looks to lure unsuspecting victims into the Sawyer family's traps. By contrast, Sissy seems outwardly "sweet and pleasant" but is actually the "toxic child of a crazed era, a cult-like woman with a serial killer's insatiable bloodlust."

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be out on August 18th, and you'll be able to play it before then on May 25th when the technical test gets underway.