The Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Dice Box


As Dungeons & Dragons fans know, Mimics lure in prey by assuming the shape of inanimate objects. Doors and treasure chests are popular forms - especially treasure chests that hold dice. Indeed, many an adventurer has been trapped by a Mimic dice box, but this new, officially licensed version is more enticing than most.

This D&D Mimic features more orange eyes and fangs than any dice box that we've seen in the past. Inside you'll find a glossed purple mouth where you can store dice and other treasures. The resin cast is even hand-painted. Fortunately, it doesn't include any adhesive or pseudopods, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your Mimic won't pummel you.


Based on the image above, it doesn't look like it will hold a ton of dice sets, but there should be enough room for most adventures. Plus, you are virtually guaranteed to impress your friends when you put it on the table.

If you're sold on this new Dungeons and Dragons Mimic Dice box, you can pre-order one here at Merchoid for $62.99 with all taxes and shipping fees included. It's set to arrive on your doorstep in April, 2021.


If the Mimic box is too rich for your blood, there's a great gamer pouch from Ultra Pro that you can grab here at Walmart and here on Amazon for only $16.14. It even features a purple tongue in the inner compartment that you can adjust and display for maximum effect.

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