The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Returns to Twitch, Roleplays in Grand Theft Auto

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The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs returned to Twitch this week after a long break from the streaming platform. His first venture back into streaming was a roleplaying exercise in Grand Theft Auto Online within one of the special servers where players are expected to have an in-game identity and stay in character while interacting with others. Riggs knew exactly what his followers would want and built a character based on a older version of Carl Grimes, his Walking Dead character who was offed in Season 8.

Riggs started his stream by thanking everyone who showed up to watch him after he said on Twitter this week that he was planning on making a return to Twitch after years away from the platform. He explained he’d be heading into a private roleplaying server in Grand Theft Auto Online (thanks, Polygon) where he sent his cowboy-wearing Carl character to see what he could get into.

One of his first missions was to find an eyepatch to go along with his hat so that he could pull off his Walking Dead look. Along the way, he ran into another roleplaying streamer named Vincent Cyr who was roleplaying during the stream as a character named Rick Rhymes. The character’s modeled after Rick Grimes, the star of The Walking Dead throughout the majority of the seasons, and it gave the two a perfect opportunity to roleplay together.

The Rick Grimes lookalike said in the clip below that he thought Carl had been written off and was gone as the two took a knee during their meetup.


The adventure continued from there as the two did your typical Grand Theft Auto Online stuff. They talked to other players who were also sticking to their own roles, smoked some quack, and climbed mountains together. At one point, Riggs had his character off another person while looking over the edge of a mountain. He said the person was “infected” with he only solution being to whack them with a hatchet and send them downhill.

Riggs talked at the beginning of the stream about what he had to do to make it so that people could subscribe to his channel, and from the sound of it, he plans to keep streaming. He talked about becoming partnered with Twitch in the future, so keep an eye on his Twitch and Twitter accounts to see when he might stream next if you want to see more of his The Walking Dead/Grand Theft Auto Online crossovers.