The Witcher: Blood Origin's Trailer Reaction Is All Fans Asking for Henry Cavill Back

Today, Netflix dropped a new trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin, and it should have been cause for celebration. After all, it's been almost a year since The Witcher Season 2's release, and fans have been starving for more content. Unfortunately, the trailer comes nearly two weeks after the streaming service revealed that Henry Cavill will not reprise his role as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher Season 4. Instead, he'll be replaced by Liam Hemsworth. As a result, the trailer for Blood Origin on Twitter has been inundated with replies from fans upset about Cavill's departure.

"Can't watch this universe anymore if the disrespect of the source material led to this," replied user @SoftforHenry. "And you all from Netflix and the Witcher crew are completely silent on it too. It's a mockery of the fans. I'm leaving with Henry."

While the pushback against this trailer has nothing to do with Blood Origin, it's worth noting that Cavill was never actually slated to appear in the live-action prequel series. Cavill will still return for The Witcher Season 3 next year, but he will not appear after that. Cavill has had nothing but positive things to say since the announcement, but rumors suggest that his departure is related to unhappiness with how the show connects to its source material. The Witcher has not been all that faithful to the works of Andrzej Sapkowski, and Cavill previously went on record about how he fought for stronger connections to the books.

Following Cavill's departure, a petition for his return has reached more than 200,000 signatures. It's unlikely it will have any impact on Cavill's decision, but fans of The Witcher are clearly unhappy about the situation. It remains to be seen if this will have any impact on the success of The Witcher: Blood Origin, but it's a safe bet that fans will be airing their frustrations about the recast for a long time to come!

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