The Witcher's Jaskier Talks Favorite Scenes With Henry Cavill

The Witcher debuted on Netflix last month, and quickly became one of the most talked about shows of 2019. Of course, most of the chatter stemmed around the show's three main characters: Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri, however, there was also plenty of social media buzz about Jaskier, the show's winsome and whimsical bard played by Joey Batey. While many are talking about Anya Chalotra's performance as Yenn being a breakout performance for the young actress, Batey's performance in The Witcher is his best yet and I'd argue the most notable of season one. Sure, Henry Cavill is great as Geralt of Rivia, but everyone and their mother-in-law's pomeranian knew Cavill was a stellar acting talent.

That said, some of Jaskier's best moments during season one were the ones where he shared the screen with Geralt, who begrudgingly accepts the bard's company. The two make an incredible duo, and have numerous great scenes together, however, it was the more down moments that were Batey's personal favorites.

"In all honesty, my favorite scenes were the slightly more ... the more down moments, definitely," said Batey while speaking to Comicbook's Matt Aguilar. "The moments where we connect and kind of step away from all the nonsense and the improvisation, which there was a lot of, because I apparently just don't say the script. There's a really lovely arc to it in episode six, which I imagine you've not seen yet. But there's a couple of moments in that where a lot of that frivolity and the comic nature of the relationship kind of gets put aside for a few moments, and they actually talk to each other as friends. And you can see what all the years of traveling and adventuring together does to two men who love each other very much, begrudgingly perhaps on Geralt's part. And I think that for me was the most important thing to play, was grounding it in that loyalty and that friendship, and then the humor and all the goofing about, that's just like a bonus. That's the fun stuff."

Season one of The Witcher is streaming exclusively on Netflix. Meanwhile, at the moment of publishing, season two is expected to arrive sometime in 2021.

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