The Witcher Becomes The Joker in New Fan Art

The Witcher finally hit Netflix last month, and while it struggled a bit critically, it has already cultivated a massive audience and appears to be a big hit with hardcore fans of the fantasy series. While it may have just snuck into 2019 by a few days, there's no doubting it was one of the biggest and most talked about entertainment releases of the year. Speaking of big 2019 releases, there's also no doubting Warner Bros' new Joker movie was also one of the marquee releases of the year as well. That said, you know what would make both The Witcher and Joker better? By mixing them together, which is exactly what one fan recently did.

Taking to Twitter, Fakes Forge revealed their latest masterpiece: Geralt of Rivia, but with Joker makeup. Now, don't get me wrong: I love Geralt as is. I love him even more than Yenn. And Henry Cavill did a terrific job of bringing the character to life, as everyone knew he would. However, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't love to see what a Geralt with a Joker personality and makeover would look like. Think of it: everything you know and love about Geralt -- Gwent, monster slaying, leather armor -- but he acts like Joker and has Joker makeup on.

The Witcher is currently available to stream on Netflix. At the moment of publishing, a second season is currently in pre-production, and scheduled to release sometime next year. For more news, media, rumors, leaks, and information on the new TV show, be sure to take a quick gander at all of our past and recent coverage of the adaptation by clicking right here.


"The Witcher isn't perfect, as the story can drag a bit, but that's not nearly enough to outweigh everything the show does right," reads a snippet from our official review of the show. "Witcher brings the world's rich characters, sharp wit, and stylish action to life in a truly delightful way, and whether you're a fan of the novels or the games, you're going to find something to love. The show has some big hype to live up to, but we think it's off to a magnificent start."