The Witcher Netflix Series Will Take Inspiration From CD Projekt Red’s Version Of Geralt

A little while back, we reported on the news that Netflix was hard at work on a new series based [...]


A little while back, we reported on the news that Netflix was hard at work on a new series based on The Witcher – but not quite the way you'd expect. While some were expecting the series to be based on CD Projekt Red's hit games, they seem to be stemming more from Andrzej Sapkowski's books. But, that said, the director certainly wouldn't mind taking a few liberties from the game.

Speaking with Inn Poland (as pointed out by WCCFTech), the director of the forthcoming series, Tomasz Baginski, was inquired with regarding comparisons with The Witcher games, to which he noted that CD Projekt Red did a stunningly good job bringing the books to life with them. What's more, he's favoring the version of Geralt that was featured in those adaptations, compared to the one created with Sapkowski's books.

So what does that mean? He indicated that, when it comes to adapting the character for the series, Tomasz believes that the developer helped him create an interesting interpretation for the character. So, while the team will be looking to guide the story of the series into its own path, he may take creative liberties when it comes to CD Projekt Red's creation of the character. So, yeah, we could very well be seeing that familiar face from The Witcher games make his way into the TV show after all. As for others, it's too soon to tell right now.

CD Projekt Red hasn't responded on the matter, but, considering that it's full speed ahead for the series in terms of good wishes (it's not actually involved with the production), more than likely it'll be fine with seeing Geralt come to life. It just depends on what direction the team takes with his story – and we're bound to find out soon enough.

The series is currently in pre-production, so it likely won't make its premiere on Netflix for a good while. Hopefully, we'll learn more about it in the months ahead, as well as what Geralt will be like in teaser trailers and what-not. We may just get a dream come true, Witcher fans. Keep those fingers crossed!