Rumor: The First Wolf Among Us 2 Season 2 Screens Revealed (UPDATE: They're Fake)

UPDATE: Well, fans, looks like those Wolf Among Us screens aren't real after all. Telltale's Scott [...]

Wolf 4

UPDATE: Well, fans, looks like those Wolf Among Us screens aren't real after all.

Telltale's Scott Butterworth reached out to us today and noted the following: "I want to clarify: that image definitely did not come from us. It is not a leak, nor a reveal. It's most likely something a fan created."

So the wait for an official reveal continues. And, no, Bigby won't look like that.

ORIGINAL STORY: It seemed like only a little while ago that Telltale Games confirmed the return of The Wolf Among Us, prepping the popular episodic comic series for a second season. But we've heard little about the project since then. There wasn't even any details revealed during San Diego Comic-Con last week for the Fables related series.

But now, thanks to a thread over at Resetera (based on a thread over at Reddit) we may very well have our first look at what the sequel could look like. And...well, reactions over the screenshots are a bit mixed.

You may recall that Telltale talked about switching development engines for its game, something that a lot of fans have gotten behind. However, based on the screenshots below, it doesn't look like many changes are being put into place. Check them all out for yourself.


As you can see, the sequel is bringing back Bigby Wolf, the central character from the first game. That's to be expected. However, as you can see from the screens, he looks a bit...angry? Grumpy? It's hard to tell. Plus he's a bit buffed up for his own good.

And it looks like the game will retain its cel-shaded look from the original game, and going with more inspired settings like the Groove bar that Bigby is hanging out in. And that's leaving some interesting reactions from fans.

Over on the Resetera thread, we found the following:

The Infinity Gauntlet noted, "What the fuck did they do to my son"

Hektor added, "I sure hope that is fake lol"

Brian Damage noted, "My boy took a silver shovel to the face."

Wolf 2

However, not all the feedback was bad:

Queen Kong said, "Is this on the new engine? The backgrounds look more detailed."

Neon-Dream chimed in, "Bigby went from grizzled badass detective cop to 30-something professional after a long day. Tousle that hair, Bigby. Gotta look good for the office babes."

Wolf 3

Telltale Games hasn't officially said anything about these screenshots just yet, so their legitimacy is in question. Take them with a grain of salt. However, this could be an early look to what the team has in mind for the sequel. Let's just hope they refer Bigby back more to his original design. His new look isn't exactly being well received.

The Wolf Among Us Season 2 doesn't have a release date as of yet, but it's expected sometime in 2019 for consoles and PC.