This Reaction To Valve’s New Game Is Just About Perfect

Earlier today, Valve introduced the latest game in its line-up, a card game based on its hit PC [...]


Earlier today, Valve introduced the latest game in its line-up, a card game based on its hit PC game DOTA 2. And, yes, fans were disappointed that it didn't turn out to be Half-Life 3, which they've been wanting for years. But just how disappointed were they?

We got a good idea, as @Nickisnixed, who's currently in attendance at the TI7 event, posted live video of when the game was first unveiled for the crowd – and it's pretty hard to miss how they reacted. You can check out the video below, along with his caption, "LOL THE DISAPPOINTMENT".

As you can see, the crowd is pretty quiet when the game logo is first revealed, along with the name. But then the words "The DOTA Card Game" appear on the screen and, right away, you can hear what they think of that with a very collective "AWWWWWWWW", but not in a cute way – rather, a disappointed way. There is a smattering of applause for the game, but it's obvious that fans were expecting something more from Valve.

A card game does make sense business-wise, as both Bethesda and Blizzard have capitalized on their card game spin-offs for Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft, respectively. But fans were hoping to get something else out of the deal with DOTA, instead of something that bucked the continuing trend of competitive card games.

The reactions to the video on Twitter are pretty priceless. @bcjbcjbcj noted, "I love that even DOTA fans are disappointed," while @Soulibon was crying in laughter over "The sound the audience makes, though!"

More details about the game can be found over at the official announcement, along with a trailer without the crowd reaction attached to it. Some DOTA fans might be pleased at the reveal, but it's pretty obvious this crew wanted to go home hearing the words, "Hello, Mr. Freeman" instead of, well, whatever that music was in the Artifact trailer.

More details about the game should be revealed later this year.