Titanfall 2 Free War Games Update Gets a Savage Trailer

The best multiplayer FPS of the generation is about to get even bester. Respawn has been making it rain free updates since Titanfall 2 launched to critical acclaim, and today we're getting the "War Games" update, which brings with it an entirely new map and some balancing changes. Check out the War Games Gameplay Trailer above!

"It's all fun-and-games until someone loses a Titan in the latest free DLC pack for Titanfall 2: The War Games. Pilots on the Frontier frequently use simulator pods to train, using life-like recreations of historical battles as combat scenarios. The remastered map 'War Games' highlights the civilian shops, city streets, and tall buildings for window-to-window fighting from the Battle of Angel City, as well as the large, open tank garage facilities for hand-to-hand Pilot combat from the Battle of Airbase Sierra. The outskirts of the map feature a clean, VR style perfect for Titan duels, while Pilots are often found running along the bright, interconnected wallrunning routes.

You'll notice that the beginning and end of the trailer are punctuated by the newest execution, called "Shadow Boxing." This is going to be the new oh sh#! moment for at least a few weeks. Sneak up behind your opponent, and you're rewarded with a sick animation where you stun his senses by sending waves of holographic assailants his way, and while he cowers away, you line up the perfect shot.

"The War Games free DLC pack also includes a free new Live Fire map 'Traffic,' featuring a weathered test site where pilot positioning is pitted against mobility across two busy thoroughfares. Dense cover makes every corner a threat, with room for snipers to hide in the back fields.


"This DLC pack also includes some key free features, including the addition of a 3rd weapon slot, the permanent addition of Titan Brawl as a game mode, and the latest Holo Pilot execution that will put your shadow boxing skills to the test."

If you don't own Titanfall 2 already... why not?! It's on sale right now. It's always on sale. This is one of the most underrated and under-appreciated games released in modernity, so get out there, get it on your console or PC, and start playing! You'll see me there.