Tron 3 Should Be First Virtual Reality Movie Says Jeff Bridges

The dude himself, Jeff Bridges, will be returning to the big screen in October in Only the Brave, [...]

(Photo: Disney)

The dude himself, Jeff Bridges, will be returning to the big screen in October in Only the Brave, and Bridges reconnected with Director Joseph Kosinski for that project. Their reunion is significant for us in the gaming space because Kosinski also directed Tron : Legacy, an instant classic that saw Bridges in a pivotal role. Entertainment Weekly's Clark Collis recently caught up with Bridges to talk about his upcoming projects, and took a moment to address rumors that a third Tron film is being discussed. Bridges' response was very frank, and very dude-like:

"Yeah, yeah, I've heard those rumors too," Bridges replied. "I hope that happens. I think Joe's got the script and everything, you know. Yeah, I don't know that I'm supposed to talk about it or not. I don't know. It should be the first virtual reality movie, you know? Wouldn't that be cool…to see Tron in that world?"

We're pretty much taking Bridges at his word, here. We believe that he probably has no idea whether another Tron film is in the cards or not. He does have a fantastic idea, though. What if the next Tron movie was the very first full-length VR film? What if a futuristic film with psychedelic visuals and adrenaline-fueled action was shot from the ground up to cater to a virtual 360° perspective?

Don't ask us how that would possibly work, because we don't know. It would be an enormous feat in film-making, and movie-goers would need to somehow access VR head-mounted displays. Perhaps it would release as a kind of premium pay-per-view experience for owners with VR headsets, and see limited release in theaters specially-equipped with VR devices? It sounds like a logistical nightmare, but damn if the experience wouldn't be mind-blowing.

We've already seen how movies shot with 3D in mind can be intense and powerful -- seeing Dr. Strange in IMAX 3D was something that I'll never forget -- and shooting a movie specifically for VR would be even more mind-blowing, especially if viewed with high-fidelity displays. We like the way you're thinking, dude. Let's see if we can't get this off of the ground.