Twilight Imperium and Android Graphic Novels Announced

CMON and Asmodee Entertainment are teaming up to bring two famous boardgame universes to comics, and when we say famous we mean it! The world of Twilight Imperium and Android are both set to get their own graphic novels in 2021, and this will be the first licenses for CMON's new comics arm Guillotine Press. The books will feature veteran writers and artists at the helm, and both projects will hit Kickstarter in 2021. CMON will also deliver in-game components to go along with the graphic novels like they did with their Zombicide comics recently.

Both Twilight Imperium and Android are quite different as far as their worlds and gameplay styles, as Imperium focused on a mix of conquest and diplomacy with a space opera feel, while Android went full cyberpunk in a world caught up in a battle for supremacy by criminal gangs and megacorporations.

"We are delighted to announce this new partnership on the run-up to exhibiting at the Festival of Licensing in October. Bringing some of our most iconic intellectual properties to the medium of visual storytelling through the pages of these first graphic novels is a natural step for us to be taking and we are absolutely thrilled to begin this exciting journey with the great team at CMON," commented Alexander Thieme, Licensing Manager for Publishing and Consumer Goods at Asmodee Entertainment.

CMON COO, David Preti, noted, "All tabletop games tell stories, and we are especially happy to work with a great partner like Asmodee Entertainment to bring some of those stories to life. With our first wave of comics, the ones based on CMON titles, we worked hard to create book-and-game component combos that were exciting for comic fans and board gamers alike, making it one of the most successful publication Kickstarters of all times. With this second wave of books, we hope to continue that precedent, and we aim
to become the go-to publisher for board game inspired comics."

"Both graphic novels will make use of the combined three decades worth of Asmodee's existing design and world development." CMON's VP of Licensing Geoff Skinner adds, "Both of these incredible games are fully realized and bursting at the seams with style, tone, and best of all, story possibilities. Our goal is for fans of the games to feel right at home in the pages of these books and to capture the essence of what makes each title special, while still making the titles accessible to newcomers who are in it for a great comic experience."


"I am delighted to announce this ground-breaking deal with the team at CMON. Bringing together just two of the many Asmodee IPs and telling their stories in this unique 'comic book and game component' format, initially via Kickstarter, with some of the very best talents in the industry, is a fantastic project to be working on!" adds Andy Jones, Head of Asmodee Entertainment.

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