Twitch Plays Event Will Let Twitch Viewers Play The Outer Worlds Before Its Release

Those looking forward to The Outer Worlds will get a unique opportunity next week to not only see the game in action before it releases but to control the action themselves. This’ll be done with the help of many Twitch users during a special Twitch Plays event centered around the game, and it’s all happening on October 22nd. The Twitch Plays event will be hosted on Obsidian Entertainment’s Twitch channel and will be the first time that an unreleased game has been the focus of a Twitch Plays event.

Twitch Plays is a type of experience on Twitch where users get to control what happens in the game through entering commands via chat. The most famous example of this is Twitch Plays Pokemon, but it’s also been done with other competitive games like Teamfight Tactics. Certain chat commands correspond to different controls, but handling the action in an RPG like The Outer Worlds sounds like quite the task. That’s exactly what Obsidian is asking its fans to do though during the next Twitch Plays event that’s coming up soon.

The Board would like to conduct a team-building exercise with all of you in order to gauge your decision-making abilities, communication skills, and leadership qualities,” the post about the Twitch Plays event said. “We ask that you join us on our Twitch channel Tuesday, Oct. 22nd, to participate in our Twitch Plays The Outer Worlds activity. This is an exclusive first-time Twitch Plays with an unreleased game, so make us proud.”

The Outer Worlds is supposed to have significant customization options and the chance to solve or create moral dilemmas with your decisions, so Twitch will probably come up with some interesting solutions to the challenges the game presents. It could very well end up being that the Twitch chat controls a “lite” version of the decisions by picking dialogue options and other simpler things while telling someone where to go, though hopefully it’ll be the full Twitch Plays experience.


“Experiments” like this one have been run periodically and are pretty on-brand for how The Outer Worlds has been marketed. Another example of this is when those who follow the game on Twitter were asked to make decisions regarding shooting an enemy and looting its body. The test was ultimately failed by followers which may very well happen again next week.

A start time for the Twitch Plays event has not yet been announced, but it’s scheduled to take place on October 22nd.

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