Twitch Streamer QTCinderella Spends Over $2000 Per Month Removing Inappropriate Photos

Streamer QTCinderella recently discussed some of the unwanted sexualization women on Twitch are [...]

Streamer QTCinderella recently discussed some of the unwanted sexualization women on Twitch are subjected to. Surprisingly, the streamer revealed that she spends $2500 per month to have sexualized posts of herself removed from websites like Tumblr. According to the streamer, these are innocuous photos that have been doctored. QTCinderella says that figure is more than she brings in each month in ad revenue. The streamer was quick to point out that she thinks it's a small number of her viewers that do things like this. A video of the moment was shared by Pogger's Clips and can be found at the top of this page.

"If someone doesn't wanna be sexualized, why do you have to sexualize her? Like why?" the streamer asked.

The streamer's question highlights some of the issues that tend to plague women in gaming. A recent survey conducted by Lenovo and Reach3 Insights found that 77% of women gamers polled dealt with harassment related to their gender. That figure comes from a single survey of 900 women, but QTCinderella's stream further solidifies that reality.

QTCinderella's thoughts on the topic were prompted while discussing a photo Ludwig Ahgren recently shared to Twitter. In the photo, Ludwig's butt is displayed in very tight underwear, resulting in a number of comments from his fellow streamers. The photo is clearly a joke, and one that QTCinderella considered replicating. However, she quickly thought better of it, knowing that a similar gag from a woman would end up sexualized in a way that Ludwig's wouldn't.

Streaming can be incredibly lucrative for Twitch's top performers, but when streamers like QTCinderella have to spend money on these types of things, it makes it much harder to find success. It remains to be seen whether or not QTCinderella bringing attention to the issue will have an impact on her viewers, but hopefully it can bring about some kind of change so the streamer can stop spending that kind of money just to feel comfortable on the internet.

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