Two New Disney Lorcana Cards Revealed

Tigger and a wicked Stepmother are coming to Disney Lorcana. This week, Ravensburger revealed two new Disney Lorcana, bringing the total number of cards revealed up to just over 20 (or about 10% of the total First Chapter set). The two cards, seen below, feature Tigger and Lady Tremaine, the latter of which is better known as the Wicked Stepmother from Cinderella. While Tigger's card features the previously revealed Evasive ability (which allows only characters with Evasive to challenge it), Lady Tremaine features a new ability called "Do It Again!" which lets a player return an action card from their discard pile to their hand when the card is played. 

Disney Lorcana is a new trading card game set to be published by Ravensburger this fall. Each player is an "Illumineer," a sorcerer with the ability to summon various characters from across Disney's many stories. Characters summoned by players are "Glimmers" of actual Disney characters, and the game will involve quests of some kind along with an overarching storyline. Ravensburger hopes that Disney Lorcana will be an equivalent to Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon Trading Card Game, with plans to support a robust organized play system and quarterly releases. Mechanics for the game have been slowly teased, with the core gameplay and win conditions still largely a mystery.

Recently, Ravensburger revealed more information about the price points and the timing of the upcoming second set. Booster packs will cost $5.99 and will contain 12 cards per pack, while boxed sets will range from $29.99 to $49.99 depending on the size. The second set will be released in December, while the appropriately named The First Chapter set will be released in August 2023.