Disney Lorcana Reveals Treasure Trove of New Info Including Set 2 Release Date, Pricing Info, Game Lore

Ravensburger has revealed a ton of new information about its upcoming Disney Lorcana card game, including the price points for several new products and the release date of the game's second set. This week, Ravensburger confirmed that Disney Lorcana's second (and currently untitled) set will be released on November 17th in hobby stores and December 1st at mass retail stores. Ravensburger previously stated that Disney Lorcana sets would be released on a quarterly basis; however, some corners of the Internet had reported that a second set wouldn't be released until February. 

Ravensburger also announced that its Disney Lorcana booster packs would cost $5.99, with each pack containing 12 cards. For comparison, a booster pack of Pokemon cards cost $4.50 for ten cards, while a draft booster pack of Magic: The Gathering cards typically costs $6 for 15 cards. Disney Lorcana's booster packs will include at least one foil card and two cards of rare, super rare, or legendary rarity.

Disney Lorcana starter decks will cost $16.99, gift boxes (containing four booster packs, lore trackers and damage counters) will cost $29.99, and Illumineer's Trove boxes (which contain 8 booster packs, deck boxes, and a player's guide) will cost $49.99. The pricing for Disney Lorcana was first reported on by GamesRadar.


Additionally, Ravensburger provided some additional details about the lore of Disney Lorcana, with a story description revealed on their webpage (which can be seen below): 

A swirl of colorful starlight appears, growing brighter and brighter until it is all you can see. When the burst of light subsides, you find yourself in a wondrous new place. Welcome to the Great Illuminary, the center of a magical realm called Lorcana.  

The Illuminary summoned you here because of your powerful imagination. You follow a pulsing line of light through curving hallways and numerous rooms to emerge into a vast atrium. A mechanism there towers over an open book. Sparkling down from above is a stream of colorful story stars, each containing fragments of Disney stories.  

Nearby, a unique tool catches your eye. It's an inkcaster, and when you pick it up, it feels both exciting and familiar. Instinctively, you hold it high above the open book. Magical ink pulsing with energy flows through the mechanism and combines with the light from a story star on a page of the lorebook in front of you, creating an image of a Disney character. With the power of your inkcaster, the image rises off the page. This is a glimmer, a new version of the character that only exists in this world. As an Illumineer, you can create glimmers of characters and items to add to the lore of Lorcana—a treasure that must be preserved and protected at all costs. 

Soon, other Illumineers across the globe will be called to the aid of Lorcana. You'll summon glimmers to quest with you as you search for missing lore in a race against time. Only together can you protect this wondrous realm from threats.  

Will you answer the call?  

The Gamer also interviewed Disney Lorcana narrative lead Samantha McFerrin about the story within the game. McFerrin confirmed that each glimmer is one of three types, which helps explain their origins. Storyborn glimmers are directly based on Disney characters and items (i.e., pulled directly from Disney properties) and Dreamborn glimmers are "versions created by the imaginations of the Illumineers. The third kind of glimmer, Floodborn, are more directly tied to Disney Lorcana's story and their origins will be revealed in future sets. 

Disney Lorcana will launch later this year, with the first products coming available on August 18th at hobby stores and September 1st at mass retail stores.