Is Uncharted 5 Secretly in Development for PS5?

Is Uncharted 5 in development for the PS5? Well, it's a bit of speculation that has been steadily picking up steam over the course of 2020, largely thanks to rumors suggesting as much, but also because of Sony San Diego seemingly beefing up to house a new first-party studio, which has included the recruitment of many Naughty Dog developers. The latest migration from Naughty Dog to this mysterious team in Sony San Diego comes way of Zak Oliver, an environment artist who now works at Sony San Diego on an unannounced project after eight years at Naughty Dog.

It would be one thing if Naughty Dogs developers were migrating to Sony San Diego. This would be a bit suspicious, but hardly worth speculation. However, this migration has been coupled with persistent rumors that not only does PlayStation have a new first-party studio percolating at Sony San Diego, but that it's working on a new Uncharted game.

Traditionally, and as of right now, Uncharted is a Naughty Dog IP, but the studio has more or less confirmed that it's moving on from the franchise. That said, despite being nearly two generations old, it remains only of Sony's biggest and most successful IP, which means it's probably hesitant to simply move on from it. Knowing this, the speculation is that this mysterious new team in Sony San Diego is taking over the reins from Naughty Dog, which would explain why ND developers are joining the new studio, and while we keep hearing about this transition via rumors.

Alas, for now, all of this is simply speculation making the rounds within the PlayStation community, but it's speculation that refuses to go away and speculation that so far Sony has refused to comment on.

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H/T, Push Square.