Use Your Words Partying Up On Nintendo Switch

If you’re a party game fan, then you’ve no doubt come across Screenwave Media’s Use Your [...]

If you're a party game fan, then you've no doubt come across Screenwave Media's Use Your Words. It's a fun little game where players make up answers for headlines, film clips and computer questions, challenging others to see who can come up with the best – or funniest – ones.

We reviewed the game earlier this year and found it to be an absolute hoot, but now it appears that the party is making its way to another platform, as Use Your Words is officially coming to Nintendo Switch.

The game's official Twitter account confirmed the news today, and also revealed a new trailer – which you can see above – for the game's debut. However, a release date hasn't been provided yet. It's likely to arrive sometime this summer, going for the price of around $14.99 or so.

Use Your Words has already seen a release on a number of other platforms, including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and, surprisingly enough, the Wii U. It's done fairly well across the board, with thousands of fans jumping in and enjoying using the creative parts of their brains to come up with answers to various questions, as well as taking part in the final "speed round," in which they need to come up with three in a row in the hopes of winning the game and picking up a few extra virtual trophies.

The game utilizes mobile devices to input your answers, so it'll be pretty easy to connect and play along with friends, even if you're taking your Nintendo Switch on the go. For that matter, there are also a number of other options you can tweak, including turning on a "family" option, in case you've got players of all ages taking part and don't necessarily want them running into "adult" answers.

Use Your Words should make for another great addition to the growing Nintendo Switch library. We'll keep you informed when a release date and price is given, but don't expect it to take too much of a hit on your wallet. In this case, Words speak louder than actions. (See what we did there?)