Valheim Players Are Being Stalked by a Mysterious Figure

Valheim players have been doing their best to survive and make a life for themselves in the breakout hit since the game released on Steam, but as they uncover more of the world around them, some players are starting to some unexplained happenings transpire. One of those infrequent events involves a hooded character who can apparently be spotted watching over the player on occasion. Many players have seen the cloaked figure by now, but it seems as though none have been able to get close enough to interact with the character without the mysterious person disappearing first.

Head to the game’s subreddit (via PC Gamer) or any other community where players are talking about Valheim and you’ll see the occasional mentioning of a hooded character. Players recount their stories there of these hooded apparitions appearing far enough away from the players to the point that they have to walk over to them to see what the deal is, but in pretty much every instance, the figure disappears before the players are actually able to get close enough to properly inspect it.

Cloaked figure at night? from r/valheim

Some players have captured images of the character like the one above that shows the clocked figure in the distance. The character doesn’t appear to have any discernable features beyond the cloak and a staff that the person uses to walk.

As for the timing of the character’s appearances, some players have said that the person started showing up for them after they beat the first boss. Others reported seeing the character at different intervals, though many suggested that they’d perhaps had a close encounter with the character in the past and just missed the sighting since the figure seems to loom in the distance without approaching.


On the question of who this person might be, one of the most common suggestions so far is that the character is the Norse god Odin. Though a hooded character could be anybody, the Viking themes of the game combined with the way we’ve seen Odin depicted in media while taking his human form has pushed the Odin theory to the top of the list of speculations.

Whether this sighting is just part of the worldbuilding experience or if it’s a teaser for what’s to come in the future remains to be seen, but be sure to keep an eye out for “Odin” or whoever this character might be if you’re playing Valheim.