Valorant Finally Adds Highly-Requested Feature

Riot Games has rolled out a new update for its popular multiplayer shooter Valorant this week -- update version 2.08 -- and in the process has finally fixed something that has been bothering many players for quite some time. Although this new addition is technically just a quality of life improvement, it's something that should make the game that much more competitive.

The new feature is specifically in relation to the Head Related Transfer Function in Valorant, which is often referred to as HRTF. If you're not familiar with what this is, HRTF essentially allows you to more adequately hear where other players might be walking within the game. Rather than simply hearing footsteps, HRTF aims to adequately give you a sense of spatial awareness so that you can more accurately know where an enemy might be. Although this is something that has been in Valorant for a bit at this point, Riot Games has now added the ability for weapon drops to now be HRTF compatible.

Basically, this means that if you're sleuthing around on a map now and hear someone pick up a weapon nearby, you'll have a better idea of where specifically they may have grabbed that gun. Previously, the weapon pick up sounds could be heard, but it was harder to discern where the noise may have been coming from specifically. This change, although it is one that the community has been wanting for quite some time, will also force players to be a bit more careful when sneaking around and acquiring new weapons.

This new patch for Valorant is available right now if you'd like to give this new HRTF feature a go for yourself. At this point in time, Valorant as a whole is also only available on PC. However, Riot Games has expressed in the past that the game might one day come to consoles as well.


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