Renegade Studios Announces Two Viscounts of the West Kingdom Expansions

Viscounts of the West Kingdom will be getting two expansions this fall. Renegade Games announced two new expansions for the kingdom-building board game, both of which will be released later this year. The Gates of Gold expansion will add two new card types to the game, new Castle Leader cards and Manuscript Boards for transcribed Manuscripts. Meanwhile, Keeper of Keys adds three new public buildings to build, along with new townsfolk, heroes, player cards, and manuscripts. Renegade Game Studios will also sell a Collector's Box that can fit the base game components and expansion cards along with several promo cards. 

Viscounts of the West Kingdom is the final game in the West Kingdom trilogy designed by S. J. Macdonald and Shem Phillips. Each West Kingdom game is set in the Carolingian Empire at the beginning of its decline. Each game in the West Kingdom trilogy has different goals and mechanics, but are all considered worker placement games where players vie for Victory Points. Its predecessors Architects of the West Kingdom focus on the construction of a great cathedral, while Paladins of the West Kingdom focuses on strengthening a city on the the kingdom's western border. Viscounts of the West Kingdom focuses on the stabilization of the kingdom during its decline and breakup. Players choose whether to advance their own goals or work to maintain the prosperity of the kingdom. 

Phillips, the co-creator of the West Kingdom trilogy, also designed the popular North Sea trilogy also published by Renegade. He and Macdonald are also working on a trilogy of games set in the South Tigris region of Iraq during the 800s. 

The Gates of Gold and Keeper of Keys expansions for Viscounts of the West Kingdom will both be released in 4Q 2022. Pre-orders are available now on Renegade's website.