Warriors Orochi 4 Western Release Confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC

Koei Tecmo had previously revealed that fans of the beloved Warriors Orochi franchise would be [...]

Koei Tecmo had previously revealed that fans of the beloved Warriors Orochi franchise would be getting the fourth installment in the West a few months back, though fans were left in the dark as to which platforms it would be available for!. Now they have officially confirmed just how accessible this game would be with the news that it's officially coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

In addition to the good news, Koei Tecmo also provided an extended description for the title making its way over to the West:

"The re-assembled heroes are faced with yet another battle.

The key to solving this mysterious situation and returning the world back to normal are height "bracelets" that possess great power. In search of these bracelets, the heroes clash against one another with their individual convictions.

Before long, it becomes apparent that Zeus, the king of the gods of Mount Olympus, is behind this. What is his aim in rebuilding this parallel world in which heroes battled against Orochi? In order to solve this mystery, the heroes decide to battle against the gods."

Though we already knew it was coming, it is nice to see that it will be for all platforms! Taking this bad boy with you on the go with Nintendo's hybrid console would be amaing, especially with a roster boasting over 170 characters!

We still don't have a release date yet for when it will be coming over to awaiting fans, but the fact that we now have this confirmation is huge and great news for those interested in playing the latest title.

As for their other big franchise, Dynasty Warriors 9, that came over to the west, here's a small blurb from our full review below:

"No co-op, no additional challenges, no variety. The only thing that made this bearable was the map traversion mechanics. The no loading screens were an effective touch, it kept the game going, helped when trudging through each chapter. The auto travel feature was also incredibly handy, especially for those that might be easily overwhelmed by large open-world games, the fast travel makes it easy to get from one place to another quickly.

Overall, the game was decent with a side of mediocre. It wasn't terrible and it was a treat to see the familiar clans through more intense in-game interaction. The idea was brilliant but needs a lot work and most of all, it needs variety. It's an interesting experience for those familiar with the franchise, but unfortunately doesn't have much to offer newcomers picking up Dynasty Warriors for the first time."