Watch Dogs Series "Dead and Buried" Says Insider

Ubisoft may have killed Watch Dogs.

There was once a time where Watch Dogs was one of the most anticipated games. Heading into the PS4 and Xbox One generation, the Ubisoft game was generating substantial buzz as one of the key examples of what the next generation of console gaming was going to offer. Then the game came out in 2014, failed to live up to this anticipation, but sold well. As a result of the latter, it got a sequel, Watch Dogs 2, in 2016, which clearly identified the more serious, dark, and brooding tone of the first game as the chief problem. Of course, this wasn't the problem, so the sequel received a similar decent reception, but nothing that made good on the hype that once surrounded the series. It sold well though. 

Then in 2020, a third game was released, Watch Dogs Legion, which took the tone and writing and style of the second game and amplified it to the point it was hardly recognizable compared to the original concept for the series. It was not received well, or even decently like its predecessors, and it didn't sell that well either. Suffice to say, to those who have been paying attention to the series, perhaps it should come as no surprise it has apparently been put on ice. 

Over on X, the fairly reliable Ubisoft leaker, j0nathan, claims the series is "dead and buried" following the the "failure" of Watch Dogs Legion, which lead to more than one project using the IP to be canned, including a battle royale game. Word of this does come via translation -- French to English -- so take the specific quote below with a grain of salt, but the gist is accurate. 

"Watch Dogs is normally dead and buried," writes the leaker. "Legion's failure destroyed the projects on the license (including a fairly original Battle Royale)." 

At the moment of publishing, Ubisoft has not commented on this rumor in any capacity. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, Watch Dogs fans may want to pack it in and just look forward to GTA 6 like the rest of the world.