Say Hello to the Waving Pikachu Pokemon Funko Pop


Back in July of last year, Funko announced that Pikachu would be the very first Pop figure in their Pokemon lineup. Unfortunately, they released the figure as a Target exclusive, which made it difficult to get for a lot of fans.

Today Funko is making amends with a new Pikachu Funko Pop figure that has more personality than the original. The cheerful little wave makes a big difference. Pre-orders for the #533 Pokemon Pikachu waving Funko Pop are live right here with shipping slated for December. If you want to get you hands on the original Target exclusive, you can still pick one up on eBay. If you want to complete the Pikachu collection, the super-sized 10-inch Target exclusive Pikachu is also available on eBay.

As for the rest of the Funko Pokemon lineup, the Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander Pokemon Funko Pops are available here.


In other big Funko news, last week Funko released a new wave of Marvel Avengers: Endgame Pop figures and it's all about the fun memes. We're talking Casual Thanos in the garden (with gauntlet), an incredible looking Iron Spider with the Nano Gauntlet, Captain America holding a broken shield and Mjolnir, Hulk offering you a taco, Gamer Korg, Captain Marvel with new hair, and Bro Thor with a slice of pizza.


What's more, there are no hard to find exclusives in the wave. All of the new Avengers: Endgame figures are available to pre-order right here with shipping slated for December. It's rare that we want all of the Pop figures in a Funko wave, but this would be one of those occasions.

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