WB Games Job Listing Leaks Free-to-Play AAA Game

Publisher WB Games is seemingly working on a major new AAA project that will be coming to a number [...]

Publisher WB Games is seemingly working on a major new AAA project that will be coming to a number of platforms in the future. While specifics about this game and the IP that it might involve haven't been divulged, it looks like the title will be one that is at least easily accessible for all players.

Spotted on WB Games careers website, a slew of new positions at the company's studio in San Diego were recently listed. The listings all vary in what they mention, but the key details specify that these roles are meant to work on a free-to-play, AAA game of some sort. It's also mentioned specifically as a "next-generation" title meaning that a release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X looks to be guaranteed.

At this point in time, the game is only said to be in pre-production, which means it might still be a bit far out from release. This also makes sense given how much the studio is looking to staff up at this point in time. Once it does release, however, some of the game's descriptors also mention it as being a live service title. So whatever this game is, it's something that WB Games is looking to support long after it first launches.

It's quite intriguing to see one of the internal teams at WB Games working on a project like this. It's even more fascinating when you take into account the sheer amount of iconic properties that the publisher owns. While this game could be for a new IP entirely, WB Games could also be creating something that has to do with DC Comics, Mortal Kombat, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or a number of other franchises that it has in its stable.

Again, considering this mysterious game is only just now in pre-production, it stands to reason that we won't see or hear anything about it for quite some time. Still, it will be interesting to keep in mind as we move forward when thinking about what WB Games has in the pipeline.

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