We Have A Pretty Good Idea When Borderlands 3 Is Coming Out

Considering that Battleborn didn’t quite pan out for them like they were expecting, Gearbox [...]


Considering that Battleborn didn't quite pan out for them like they were expecting, Gearbox Software has gone back to the drawing board, working on the next chapter in the Borderlands saga. The game was officially confirmed last year, though Randy Pitchford and company stopped just short of providing a release window. However, thanks to the publishers at Take-Two, we may have an idea when the game will be coming out.

The publisher has revealed that a "huge new title from 2K" will be coming in the company's 2019 fiscal year. Now, while that isn't any sort of specific release date (that could literally be anywhere between mid-2018 and mid-2019), it does give us an idea of when the publisher could be shooting to release the third chapter in the series.

Now, Borderlands wasn't mentioned specifically, but it seems like the next logical choice. Red Dead Redemption 2 will already serve as Take-Two's big release for 2018 (aside from sports titles like WWE 2K and NBA 2K), and there's not a new Grand Theft Auto game in the works – that we know of, anyway – so, aside from any sort of new franchises that the company could introduce, Borderlands 3 seems like the next logical choice.

That said, 2K would probably be wise to make sure the releases are spaced out, so that it doesn't replicate what EA went through when it released Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 a week from each other last year, thus hurting Titanfall 2's chances of success (though it still did pretty well, just not Battlefield 1 well).

Gearbox hasn't provided any new details on Borderlands 3 yet, aside from some early concept art that was revealed at GDC earlier in the year. But there is still plenty of time to do so, and considering that Gearbox is a huge staple at Penny Arcade Expo events, we'll likely see bits and pieces of the game in the months ahead, leading to its eventual release.

Hopefully, it'll see a nice turn-around for the company. Battleborn just couldn't get a fair shake in the face of Overwatch, which easily topped it in sales – and continues to be a big hit today.