Why League Of Legends Didn't Call Pentakill Kayle PentaKayle

League of Legends’ Kayle is the latest champion to join the Pentakill team, and some players [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends' Kayle is the latest champion to join the Pentakill team, and some players felt that there was a missed opportunity in calling the winged champ PentaKayle as opposed to her given name, Pentakill Kayle.

The suggested name did cross Riot Games employees' minds, but they ultimately determined that they'd take a more traditional naming approach to Kayle's Pentakill skin instead of making a joke about it.

Apparently, the Pentakill band also had their say in the decision with some remarks that were impossible to misconstrue.

"We were leaning toward it, but then we pulled out the band's contract to double-check the fine print…and, well … 'CALL US BY OUR ****ING NAME YOU ****** ** * **** ********,'" was the answer from the Pentakill band relayed by Riot Kantayams, a writer for the skin team.

That's a pretty direct response, but sadly, we know that the Pentakill lineup of Karthus, Yorick, Mordekeiser, Sona, Olaf, and now Kayle weren't the catalysts behind Kayle's skin's name. Instead, it seems that the idea actually was considered, but they ultimately felt it'd be better to pick a name that seemed less jokey given how metal the Pentakill group is.

"Real talk, we considered it, but ultimately decided that a pun would better serve a goofy thematic like Toy Box [Meowkai, Pug'Maw] instead of a badass one," the Rioter continued.

Given how playful the Meowkai and Pug'Maw skin are, it actually makes sense that Kayle was given a Pentakill name that makes her fall in line with the other band members. After all, it wouldn't be fair for a new member to upstage those who have been around much longer, the band members that players think of when they say, "Their old music was much better."

Still, players seem to be divided on whether the skin should've been named PentaKayle regardless of the potential to be perceived as less serious. Players might have their own issues with the Pentakill Kayle skin, but like other aspects of League, it seems that this is one area that the community isn't fully one-sided on.

The Pentakill Kayle skin is now available in League of Legends.