Wingspan Announces First Expansion; More Birds Coming to 2019's Breakout Tabletop Hit

Over 80 new birds will be added to Wingspan thanks to the game's first expansion. Earlier this week, Stonemaier Games announced Wingspan: European Expansion, the first expansion to the popular tabletop game. Wingspan's European expansion will add over 80 new bird cards with new abilities. Some of the birds will have round-end abilities while others benefit from excess food or increase interactions between players. The expansion will also include new bonus cards, new egg miniatures, a new scoring sheet, and an extra tray to help players store additional expansions in the future.

Wingspan was one of the surprise board game hits of 2019 - a unique medium-weight game in which players try to attract the best birds to their nature reserves. Bird cards can be played to one of three different habitats, each of which offers its own unique resource that can be activated on a player's turn. During each turn, a player chooses to activate a habitat and collects either food, egg, or bird cards, which are then spent to add more birds to a habitat. The more birds in a habitat, the more resources a player generates on their turn. In addition, specific species of birds have bonus powers, which are activated either when played or when their habitat is activated. Players can set up powerful combinations of bird powers that can grant them food, eggs, or other beneficial effects. Players earn victory points by completing certain public or personal goals, and the player with the most victory points at the end of four rounds wins the game.

In addition to a new expansion, a digital version of Wingspan was also recently announced. Players can also look forward to additional Wingspan expansions in the future, each focusing on birds from a different continent.

Wingspan: European Expansion will be available in November. The base game is available to order on Amazon now.

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