This Witcher 3 Mod Completely Remakes the First Game's Prologue

The Witcher III is a stunning open-world adventure that takes the beloved franchise to an entirely [...]

The Witcher III is a stunning open-world adventure that takes the beloved franchise to an entirely new level. Though it may mark the end of Geralt's journey as we know it, the fandom love for the series is no closer to waning. In fact, one fan made a mod to import the first title's prologue into Witcher III with the updated engine and it is nothing short of amazing.

Though the storyline is absolutely fantastic, the first title - like many others such as the beloved Dragon Age franchise from BioWare - did not age well at all. Because of this, many Witcher fans that came into the series later on may not be entirely motivated to give the first game the try it deserves. In a world of 4K this, 1080p that, it's a little understandable - though definitely a shame. To make a move to bridge that gap, this fan-made mod gives players a taste of the first game but with modern day graphics.

In the beginning of the short video, the modder shows back to back comparisons of the vanilla game compared to the mod version. The results look almost unrecognizable and are absolutely stunning in its detail. The mod itself also adds this very same prologue into the game itself which helps to bridge the gap between the first title and the final. A perfect circle of Witcher-ey goodness, we're not mad at it.

The graphics weren't the only aspect to be overhauled. Modder Erxv also adds additional voice overs making this project even more impressive than it looks at face value. For those interested in checking out the hard work this modder did for The Witcher III, it can be downloaded right here. Unfortunately it is only available for PC players, which is to be expected with limited console mod support.

What do you think of the overhaul? Pretty impressive, right? Sound off with your thoughts on the prologue remake in the comment section below!

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